Much more Piano Rock Songs – New Wave 80’s Edition

Listed below are some from the most memorable piano songs and riffs from The newest Wave 80’s:

New Several years Evening – U2 The aged piano gets an unlikely improve from a guitar dominated band with this slice from U2’s Warfare album. U2 give a easy piano – bass – drums riff the power which they give they are usual guitar – bass – drums lineup. The Edge plays this riff using a Yamaha CP-80 which has an unusual, distinctive piano sound that you simply listen to in other 80’s cuts from Peter Gabriel and Hall and Oates. The shorter stings with the CP-80 give somewhat more of the guitar like tone, only greater. U2 also employed the piano the wonderful impact on yet another sole The Sweetest Issue.

Up On the Catwalk & Alive and Kicking – Uncomplicated Minds Michael MacNeil from Simple minds was also a CP-80 end user and it really is the signature keyboard sound on Basic Minds most successful albums like Sparkle inside the Rain along with the substantial Once Upon a Time. These two cuts showcase the piano beginning aided by the octave lead component that kicks away from the stadium rock and roll of Upon the Catwalk. Alive and Kicking features a full breakdown that characteristics very little but piano, unheard of within a quantity a single hit.

Just like Heaven – The Cure This song only has piano through the solo portion but what an awesome, memorable aspect it really is. The Cure was recognized for being an emotional band and also the piano solo with this song just can make you need to get out your eyeliner and photographs of and ex-girlfriend and sit and weep in front to the mirror ’til your mascara runs.

Rush – Huge Audio Dynamite This song is from the 90’s but NEGATIVE was built from the Clash who had been in the 80’s (and 70’s for that make a difference) so LOUSY gets in. The explanation this song gets included is because there exists an whole piano breakdown from the 2nd verse. Pianos never get many of all those.

Rock and roll the Casbah Considering we’re talking concerning the Clash I would be loathe to overlook about this huge hit for them. Pay attention closely to how the piano is what’s driving the song most from the time and doing it rock, as well as the guitars are including the flavor. Typically it really is the opposite way round.

Be Close to Me – ABC This hit from ABC has an incredible piano riff that drives the chorus, in fact it almost may be the total chorus hook, that is how catchy it can be.

Head Over Heels – Tears for Fears There is an epic piano riff that opens this song that was utilised for a very strange fly range within the movie Donnie Darko. Kinda comparable, and just as catchy because the Be Near Me riff.

No one At any time is to Blame – Howard Jones An additional CP-80 user Howard Jones was a pioneer of doing a 1-man exhibit using only a keyboard setup. People today instructed him he was crazy but he created it perform surrounded by a mountain of keyboards and his venerable CP-80.

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